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December 10 - 16, 2016

Street talk

Livestock keepers need to change

Livestock keeping is a preoccupation of many Tanzanians. Just how good are livestock keepers when it comes to taking care of the animals?

By Hazla Quire

We normally don't wait for farmers to follow us in office. We extend service to their villages and educate them on proper usage of veterinary equipment and chemicals.

Neema Temu - Tanveterina Limited


Cattle keepers are the ones that are slow to change when it comes to adoption of new ideas or medications for their livestock.
Those that keep poultry and others types of animals seem to be good at regularly taking care of their poultry.

Dr Martin Madebe - Mifugo Anicro




Many livestock keepers don't maintain the health of the animals until they fall sick. This becomes costly in the long run.

Rufia Kafipa -  Farmbase Company




Even in this modern times livestock keepers still rely on luck, old experience and God's will to ensure the well-being of their animals.

It is time to change. Animals need more than pastures ; medication, nutrition supplements and others.

Dr Henry Ruhinguka - Multivet Farm




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