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December 10 - 16, 2016


Arusha Gymkhana youth golfers off to India

Arusha Gymkhana club up and coming golfers, Jay Nathwani and Prabvir Singh, both members of the National Youth Team  will make appearance  at this year’s India Amateur Golf Championship.

The 116th edition of championship is set to tee off at the Royal Calcutta Golf Club, Kolkata from Monday to December 11th this year.

Jay Nathwani

Tanzania Golf Union (TGU) Chairman, Joseph Tango said in Dar es Salaam yesterday that the two young stars have been invited by Indian Golf Union (IGU) to take part at the event, the Daily News Reports.

 . “This is to inform you that two of our national team players and juniors Nathwani (Jay) and Singh (Prabvir) have been invited and will be participating in this prestigious event,” he said.

The  India Amateur Golf Championship, is one of the oldest golf tournaments in India and the Royal Calcutta Golf Club is also one of the oldest golf clubs in the world with over 175 years of existence.

.According to the draw Friday will be match Play round 2 in the morning and quarterfinal in the afternoon. The semis will be held on Saturday and final will be played on December 11. It will be a tough 36 holes battle. This will be first time for the Tanzanian juniors to play at the event.

Prabvir Singh (right)


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