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December 10 - 16, 2016






Wanted: A surgical team to uproot graft from health bosses
Arusha (EANA) – Last week, Germany donated €40 million to support the health sector in the region. Ordinarily, such news would call for celebration; with the recent runaway corruption in the region and especially in the health sector, however, one fails to understand the purpose of donations which end up in a few people’s pockets. . .. . . ...Read more


There’s trouble in Kasese… where are the eminent persons hiding?
Arusha(EANA) – Why is there such a lukewarm reception to integration issues by the region’s citizens? Why do nationalistic sentiments seem to rise every so often and strain relations between sister states that have publicly declared their intention to integrate? Why is it that the average citizen on the streets of any town in East Africa cannot tell you the name of the person heading the East African Community Secretariat, the body charged with spearheading the integration agenda? . . . . . . ..Read more



It is unlikely Trump will disrupt AGOA
The African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) is a 2000 United States (U.S.) trade law that gives preferential treatment to goods originating from Sub-Saharan Africa.  A number of countries, including East African countries, have been able to take advantage of this special arrangement, especially with regards to exports of textiles and apparel.  But some are now concerned that AGOA may not survive under Mr. Donald Trump’s presidency.  .Read more


Teaching ethics to pre-schoolers
In the previous article I discussed about the role of Schools in teaching Ethics. In this one I would like to look at what we can do to give a solid ethical foundation to our young ones: birth to five years. This responsibility falls on parents, grand-parents, guardians, families, teachers in pre-school, and the entire community. This exercise of teaching ethics to the young ones was less complicated in the African continent before the advent of colonizers and missionaries from other continents. .   . .. ...Read more


Mobile apps: ’User-experience,’ and businesses that provide it
Today’s statistics show that slightly over 65 per cent of ‘digital media time’ is spent on mobile apps. Eighty per cent of internet users own a smartphone, and desktop computers have become a secondary concern for many digital users. Major portals like Yahoo and MSN may still receive most of their traffic from PC users but the majority of traffic online is now driven through mobile platforms.. ...Read more





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