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By Marty Reep
Author, Speaker

Developing Good Attitudes and Keeping Them

Whenever you go into a new situation, which of the following two statements do you think?  “They’re out to get me,”or“I bet everything’s going to be great.”

Whichever one is in the back of your mind will determine how you approach the situation and how you react to what happens in it.  The thought that’s already there came from somewhere.  It’s important to figure out where that thought / belief / attitude came from.  Try to only allow in good ones, so that you’ll cultivate in your mind the good thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes that will shape and carry your life in positive ways into the future. 

To develop a good attitude about something or someone, try to find something uplifting about them and focus on that.  By putting your attention and energy on the good things about that person, you’ll be creating a better environment inside yourself and around you during your daily life. 

If you don’t believe me, then try it for a few days.  Focus on the positive in people, on the positive in a situation, and on the positive in your circumstances.  You’ll begin to develop a good attitude about each of those.  Better yet, it will become infectious – you’ll start to see the same change come over other people, too!  Try it.  You’ll be amazed. 

I’m not saying completely ignore something bad if it truly needs to be addressed.  If something needs to be fixed, then fix it.  Otherwise, concentrate on the healthy, wholesome aspects of living.  It will make living much more enjoyable on regular basis. 

By doing this, you’ll make sure you have healthy attitudes about life in general, not just when starting something new. 



You’ll be happier.

You’ll be less stressed.

Walking around smiling is more fun than frowning, right?


You’ll live longer and healthier!

Think about some of the people you’ve known or met during your life.  Do you remember the people who were happy,no matter what?  Do you remember any grouchy people?  Which of those two types inspired you?  Maybe both did, but just in different ways. 

If we model our lives after others who we want to be like while still being our unique selves, we will live successfully every hour of our lives.  There’s no way around it.  Each of us can live out our personal best, if we’ll remember to do so.

Good attitudes will make a difference for you.

Have a great week!

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This article was adapted from one of Reep’s motivational books.  For ones currently published, please go to www.Amazon.com/author/reep .

Bio:  Marty Reep is the author of more than 20 books on Amazon and Scribd.  He tries to motivate people to achieve their full potential and finds humor in the crazy things that happen every day.  He has offered to contribute this weekly column to encourage people to live to their full potential.





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