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December 10 - 16, 2016

Local News

Karatu leads in carbon emission cut
By Hazla Quire

Karatu has become the first District in Tanzania to cut its emissions of greenhouse gases by reducing 356 tons of atmospheric carbon fumes in thepast 12 months.

District Administrative Secretary (DAS), Mr Abbas Kayanda said the ‘cleaning up of the atmosphere’ was accomplished through replacing charcoal and firewood with cleaner and environment friendly energy such as Biogas and Solar for cooking and lighting.

“In line with that more than 41 hectares of forest and 267 tons of charcoal have been saved due to the use of alternative energy in Karatu District,” said Mr Kayanda adding that more than 5340 tons of organic fertilizers have been added in the soil through the initiatives.

The environmental drive has so far benefitted 534 people in Karatu, while also women and children have saved 2 hours daily that were initially used to fetch firewood in the wild and saved 65 million /- in cash.

In a different development, students from a number of learning institutions in Karatu District demonstrated at Mazingira Bora grounds over the weekend, by blowing off flame paraffin lamps to mark the end of such gadgets at homes and in schools.

“Carbon monoxide fumes exuded by the crudely made tin lamps have drastic effects in  the health of young people, affecting lungs, eyes and respiratory tracts,” said Dr Asxwar Hilonga a don at the Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology.

He pointed out that, parents may wonder why their children fail in class and in exams despite studying late into the night. Little do they realize  that  when they do their homework using such harmful sources of light, they end up getting sick through inhaling fumes.

Dr Hilonga, is behind the recent invention of ‘Nano’ filters which can purify water to extra stringent sanitation without having to boil it.  He participated in the maiden ‘Health and Environment,’ Day at Karatu and used the occasion to sensitize local residents on  the importance of clean energy.

 At  Magesho Primary School located in Karatu  parents and pupils were educated on the dangers of naked flame lamps, which they later ditched and replaced them with small solar lamps.

“As a results the school which had never entered into top 20 academically, managed to become the 4th best in Karatu District after their students started using solar lighting,” said Dr Hilonga who is also the director of ‘Ngongali Model,’ an institution dedicated to health and environment matters.

Karatu has a total 107 primary schools. It is among districts with high concentration of learning institutions in Tanzania. The District Administrative Secretary (DAS) Mr Abbas Kayanda, who graced the occasion, was said that dirty energy usage was declining in the precinct.




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