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Issue No. 0933
December 10 - 16, 2016


Sunrise beauty

Crawling out for the morning walk
My eyes sleepy and tired
Yawning after such slumber
My eyes edging the easterly horizon
As clouds ebb with a release
Clearing the phenomenon hatch
The morning sunrise

Far away
Beyond the reach of the roof of Africa
While Mount Meru remains hidden 
Walking down this rough road
Banana leaves swaying with a breeze
With coffee tree still abundant
The marvel I crave for 
As slums encroach in haste
This greenery …this greenery 
My mind wonders

And then the earth hatching in style
From the far eastern horizon
Bursting out like a ball
As I stare in awe and marvel 
With the golden sky dominating
Look! Look! It is early in the morning
With such a blessing in the offing
The morning sunrise

Strolling down the slippery road
Thanks God for the gift of rain
After such a drought and strain
Now greenery and breeze
And this beauty indeed 
The sunrise beauty
From the far eastern horizon
Happy New Year

(C) Shilia Kaaya


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