Issue 00333 

Aug 14 - 20, 2004


Rose Muhando

Rose Mhando steals show at Nane Nane

by Arusha Times Reporter

The popular female solo gospel singer, Rose Mhando who hails from Dodoma, last Sunday, gave the local Nane Nane show in Arusha a run for its money, after her open air concert succeeded in attracting thousands of residents.

The concert was earlier staged at the Arusha Meru Secondary School grounds at an entrance fee of Tsh.2,000 for adults and Tsh.1,000 for children. The Nane Nane show entrance charges were set at Tsh.500 for adults and Tsh.200 for children.

Mhando was officially "Launching" her debut solo album "Uwe Macho" (Beware) which since its release in May this year, has been a coast to coast best selling phenomenon.

She was backed with an entourage of ten singers-cum-dancers from her Dodoma- based, St. Mary’s Anglican Choir which is popularly known here as "Kitimu-timu", a name derived from the group’s latest release.

"Arusha is the Europe of Tanzania!" explained the rather skinny song-bird whose energetic stage performance bore close resemblance to the late South African pop icon, Brenda Fassie.

A former staunch Muslim and mother of three, Rose Mhando who was born in Morogoro, professed to have seen an apparition of "Jesus Christ" while ailing on her sick bed many years ago, after which, she converted to Christianity.

She was groomed musically by the Moshi-based, Mamajusi Anglican Choir where she developed to become a strong lead singer whose vocals spawned successful hits such as "Hey-Hallelujah" and "Homa ya Dunia!" ((World’s Fever) shortly before shifting to Dodoma and joining St. Mary’s choir.

In her testimony, Rose said her past life was awful that’s why she ended up with three ‘fatherless’ children and vowed never to get married, but live to serve God through music.

The first audio tape of her album was auctioned at 200 times the original price, at Tsh.200,000. An audio tape usually goes at Tsh.1,000.

An Arushan resident, Losarian Emmanuel Laizer and his wife offered to educate one of Rose Mhando’s children from Class One to Seven, while some school owners from Dar es Salaam who were in Arusha and attended the show, promised to take over once the child reaches secondary education level.

The Dodoma- based crooner said she will be back to Arusha next September for the release of her debut video compilation in the "Europe" of Tanzania.

So far, all copies of her debut album have been sold out in town having been available in two audio formats of compact disc and compact cassette.

However, her last week’s concert was far from being secular-free being coordinated by the local disco pumping FM stations of Radio Clouds and Triple A Radio.


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