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March 28 - April 3, 2015

The Director of the National Natural History Museum Arusha, Felista Mangalu (left) presenting an appreciation award to Dick Persson, a wildife photographer for his outstanding contribution to environmental conservation on March 19
at the museum. The presentation was held in sync with the official opening by the Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Lazaro Nyalandu of the World’s largest permanent wildlife photographic exhibition at the museum. Looking
on centre is Professor Audar Mabulla, the Director General of the National Museum of Tanzania. The function was also attended by Lennarth Hjelmaker, the Swedish Ambassador in Tanzania.
(photo by Raymond John)






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'Tanzania should learn from shuttle vans ban'
Crisis still lingers

Tourism industry players have welcomed a solution reached by Tanzania and Kenya to end a row on tour operations and Kenya Airways frequencies but insisted that it should be a wakeup call to Tanzania to have a fully operational airline.
"What is wrong with us that we don't have a national airline?" asked Mathew Mollel, the managing director of Rainbow Shuttles, saying a fully operational national carrier would make the country competitive in tourism business....Read more


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Burnt Maasai art market coming up with new face
2000 traders hope to eke out a living from curios

The Ministry for Natural resources and Tourism has donated 100 million/- to traders selling curios and traditional artifacts at the  Maasai Art and Craft Market in Arusha, an outfit which was reduced to ashes four months ago.
The donation came as blessing to the traders who are struggling to rebuild the tourists' shopping bazaar a project that is estimated to require over 300 million/. If the money is made available in good time business will kick off before mid this year. ...............Read more

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Govt mulls shifting land office to Arusha
Land conflicts prevalent in whole region

The Government is considering relocating the Zonal Land Administration Offices, currently based in Moshi, to operate in Arusha where it seems to be mostly needed.
 The  Minister of Land, Housing and Human Settlements, Mr William Lukuvi  was of the  view that because Arusha faces more land related conflicts, possibly more than any other part of Tanzania, it was high time the Northern Zone’s Land Administration offices are shifted from Moshi, in Kilimanjaro region to Arusha. .. ....Read more

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