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April 18 - 24, 2015

The late Premier Sokoine’s widow, Mama Napono Sokoine (Fourth Right) and her children Ibrahim (Right) and Namelok (Second Right) during the special
commemoration mass for the former prime Minister held at their Monduli-Juu residence last Sunday
(staff photographer)




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Laxity in guest registry seen as security risk
Guests who register at local hotels and guest houses in Arusha have been found to use false names, identities and fabricated places of origin, things that jeopardize security here, especially in the backdrop of terror alerts in the region.
Speaking shortly after chairing an emergency meeting of security organs , the Arusha regional Commissioner, Mr Daudi-Felix Ntibenda said they have discovered loopholes around local hotels, lodges and guest houses as far as identifying their boarders and keeping records of such clients. . .....Read more


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Coffee production to double this year
Coffee production in Arusha and other parts of Tanzania could rise, as much as 52 percent this year compared to last year’s output, thanks to adequate rains in regions where the bean is grown.
Recently, Tanzania Metrological Agency (TMA) reported that sufficient rainfall is expected over the northern part, Lake Victoria basin and the Southern parts of the country from March to May..........Read more

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Unease as social media spread terrorist attack rumors  
Authorities in Arusha Region were compelled to issues special statements, vehemently refuting reports that were circulating in social media outlets last weekend regarding alleged  attempted terrorist attacks in the city.
 The first such gibberish  revolved around  suspected people who drove into the Institute of Accountancy Arusha (IAA) Campus in Njiro area during wee hours of Friday morning, dressed in face concealing dark attires and riding in a similarly dark sedan. They allegedly intended to attack the  training institution. ....Read more

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