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February 6 -12, 2016

Hadzabe tribesmen making a fire without any matches. The tribe of hunter-gatherers is now facing an acute shortage of food. (File photo).


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Snag in ‘free education’ could have been avoided
The government policy announced in December last year to provide free and quality education to children enrolled in primary and ordinary level secondary schools has been received by parents with great enthusiasm throughout the country. When primary schools opened doors mid January this year, teachers especially in schools located in densely populated areas, were struck with awe seeing the large number of kids  lining up for class one registration. Some schools reported a three-fold increase compared to last year. . ...........Read more


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‘Stone-age’ Hadza face critical food shortage
The hunter-gatherer Hadzabe tribe living on the shores of the remote and semi-arid Lake Eyasi are facing critical food shortage once again.
Those living at Dumanga village, Eshkesh ward in Mbulu district, Manyara region are pleading for relief food from the government...........Read more

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Five nabbed in connection with chopper attack
First time that poachers have shot down an aircraft in Tanzania

At least five suspects have so far been arrested in connection with last weekend’s incident in which a British pilot Roger Gower (37) was killed.
 Poachers armed with an assault  rifle  gunned down a helicopter which was patrolling the Maswa Game Reserve in Simiyu region.  ......Read more

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