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Jan. 31 - Febr. 5, 2015

To Arusha Daladala commuters, January 23 this year was a nightmare when officials rerouted city buses. Operators went on strike but Bodaboda had a windfall as seen above. Re-routing of the buses has made the city
centre bearable, cleaner and more orderly. (Photo by Gama S. Gama).






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Daladala re-routing clears Arusha roads
Motorists, pedestrians applaud move

Motorists in the city are enjoying some relief following the recent decision by authorities to re-draw the routes that will now be used by town buses, a move that has cleared many roads previously  traffic  gridlocked.
The Arusha City Council, in conjunction with the Surface and Marine Transport Regulatory Authority (SUMATRA) and the Regional Traffic Police Department have taken action  to ease traffic jams in the city starting with the notorious culprits: town commuter  minibuses .. ......Read more


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EAC officials ‘fly high’ to dismay of Accounts Committee
The East African Community, which relies on foreign donations to fund 60 percent of its annual budget, is reported to be spending a chunk of its coffers  on  air travel.  The Accounts Committee for the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) has uncovered irregularities in procurement of air tickets at the East African Community.  The Arusha-based Secretariat was found to have spent over US $ 3.4 million (over 6 billion/) for the officials to fly in one year. .................Read more

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Kenya, Tanzanian to discuss cross-border tourist vehicles
Tanzanian  and Kenyan officials will meet next month to iron out hitches in tourism operations with regard to the two countries.
The  Minister for  Natural resources  and tourism, Lazaro Nyalandu  met his Kenyan counterpart Phyllis Kandie  early this month in Nairobi and discussed  how they could resolve the problems which led to Kenyan Government  ban  on Tanzania vehicle from entering into Kenyan tourism sites and the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. . ....Read more

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