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September 13 - 19, 2014

President Kikwete, also Commander In-Chief of Armed Forces decorates Brigadier General Joseph Cosmas Chengelela with a medal for his exemplary role in a military operation in Mozambique to fight off rebels in 1980s. The event held in Monduli also marked 50 years of the Tanzania Peoples' Defence Forces. (Photo by Filbert Rweyemamu).

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Military training facility set to open in Tengeru area
President Jakaya Kikwete has assured members of the armed forces that he will exert  pressure to ensure that the ongoing construction of the Duluti Commander’s Staff College in Tengeru speeds up and be completed in time....Read more


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Tarangire to pilot aerial watch against poaching
The Tarangire National Park is this month going to spearhead a pilot program in  deployment of special Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) for surveillance  of wildlife against poachers
“The trial aerial scrutiny will be conducted later this September and the second one is expected to come up in October,” explained Mr Michael Chambers the Director of Bathawk-Recon, an organization which is introducing the new
surveillance concept in Tanzania..........Read more

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South Africa to promote Olduvai's ‘paleo tourism’ worldwide
Since much of the 7 billion global population seems to be cultivating great interest in seeing how the world used to be in the past, a new type of tourism is set to channel millions of people into Tanzania in the  near future.
“We call it Paleo tourism and so far the Olduvai Gorge and Laetoli archaeological sites of Northern Tanzania are where the entire world will be flocking to retrace the human history,” said Mr Zweli Vincent Mntambo, the Deputy Chairperson of South African Tourism.....Read more



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