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October 3 -9, 2015

A scene at the road spot where irate residents of Lengijabe Village in Arumeru District last week) blocked the Arusha-Namanga highway after a
class-one pupil was knocked down and killed by a speeding vehicle. Communication between Tanzania and Kenya via Namanga border was cut
off for six hours from 7.00 am to 1.00 pm. The police were forced to disperse the protesters by using teargas canisters.
( Staff Photographer)



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Maternal, child deaths alarming in Arusha Region
Maternal and child deaths in Arusha region, particularly in the rural areas, are alarming, according to recent statistics.
The situation has been attributed to the traditions whereby expectant mothers preferred delivering at homes, rather than in hospitals, under the care of ill-equipped traditional birth attendants..........Read more


Front Page 2

Killer Kikafu bridge to be relocated
Kikafu Bridge, on Moshi- Arusha road, the scare of  motorists and passengers alike due to its history of claiming many livesl, is about to be relocated to a safer site.
 Located at the Kwa-Sadala section of Hai District in Kilimanjaro Region, along the main Arusha-Moshi highway, the bridge lies between two steep elevations with a deep river gorge in between, linked by the narrow cross-over. ........Read more

Front Page 3

EAC tongues to wag Kiswahili
After many years of apparent back-tracking, the East African Community (EAC) will now fully adopt Kiswahili and would soon start to conduct courses on the language to members of the regional Assembly.
"As the integration deepens and specifically with the Common Market Protocol in effect, it is important for all EAC citizens to speak Kiswahili to avoid lagging behind" the Speaker of the East African Legislative Assembly (Eala) Daniel Kidega said in Zanzibar last week. ...Read more


The Late Mwalimu Nyerere

October 14 is celebrated as Nyerere Day, tribute to the founding Father of the nation. Arusha Times will dedicate its next edition (October 10- 16, 2015) to the Late Mwalimu Nyerere who put
Tanzania in the world map as a peaceful nation of united people.
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