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November 22 - 28, 2014

A group photo of the Arusha Institute of Accountancy Management team and Conventry University members during the Fifth Masters Graduation ceremony on November 13
. (Photo by Raymond John)






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Odonyo Lengai has more to offer
The entire area at the foot of the Oldonyo Lengai  (Mountain of God) in the Lake Natron Precinct is described to have great potential for harvesting geothermal energy but environmental concerns stifle the proposed project.
Deputy Minister for Energy and Minerals Mr Stephene Masele who was in Arusha recently stated that the active volcano at ‘Oldonyo L’engai,’  hot springs in Enkaresero area and the brine-filled Lake Natron striding the leeward side of Ngorongoro Crater hold ample rock heat underneath which can supply abundant power to energize the entire country but international laws as well as green activists may oppose the . ........Read more


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Will DC transfer affect graveyard shift?
Now that Mr John Mongella who has been serving as Arusha district commissioner is leaving the city to go and serve as regional commissioner for Kagera, the planned project to exhume nearly 300 human remains  from the old Levolosi graveyard seems to be stuck in limbo.
The DC was the   link between local authorities and elderly Moslem  representatives who claim ownership of the defunct graveyard in the controversial move aimed at shifting the  remains from Levolosi for fresh burials in Njiro.................Read more

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Arusha Meru plans university project
It started out with Arusha Meru Secondary School which ran for years before establishing its Primary Wing , now the management of Arusha-Meru contemplates establishing a University.
 That was among the future plans tabled by the owners of the Arusha Meru Primary and Secondary Schools here when the institution was celebrating the 50th Graduation Ceremony of its secondary school’s Ordinary level stream which was combined with that of Class Seven pupils. . . ....Read more

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