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Sept. 27 - Oct.4, 2014

The Road Safety Week was held in Arusha climaxing national celebrations from September 22 – 26. Above Daladala touts and some residents demonstrated how the commuter buses should not operate. Not to fill the inside with passengers and the roof as well. (Photo by Filbert Rweyemamu).


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EAC flashes red flag over Ebola
‘The threat it poses to the region is real’
The East African Community this week issued an alert over Ebola viral disease (EVD) in West Africa as the death toll from the viral disease reached over 2,600.
A high level ministerial meeting in Nairobi, Kenya  resolved that the region must maintain "a high level emergency preparedness and response" to ensure it was spared from the killer disease. "Countries should ensure their Ebola emergency and preparedness response plans meet the minimal WHO (World Health Organization) standards", the
Secretariat said in a communique......Read more


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Local experts silent on dinosaur new find
Local experts in paleontology are still silent on the recently discovered massive fossil of a giant, yet rare, dinosaur that once lived in Tanzania about 100 million years ago.
Officials at the Natural History Museum in Arusha and the Olduvai Gorge Museum in Ngorongoro said although they were aware of the new find, they could not tell where the remains were or if they had been excavated..........Read more

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Vision-Fund launches bank in Arusha
As the government works to encourage nomadic pastoralists who hoard large herds of livestock to convert their animals into cash, local financial institutions have been advised to follow herders wherever they are to provide them with banking services......Read more



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