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Front Page 1

Authorities ban display of coffins in political rallies
Observe rule of law…don’t test our patience, says RC
Carrying coffins to prophesy demise of any political party has been banned in Arusha  by local authorities.
While the whistle for the political campaigns  towards the October 2015 General Elections has just been blown, the use of blasphemous  paraphernalia  such as coffins, insulting toys and other horrid caricatures have been banned from use within Arusha Region. ........Read more


Front Page 2

Villagers form brigades to fight off invading baboons
Residents of three villages in Mwika ward, Moshi Rural District, Kilimanjaro region have stepped up patrol, this time not targeting criminals, but against troops of baboons.
The primates are not only causing havoc to their farms but now invade their houses, to the kitchens and food stores in particular, where they would ravage whatever edible. ........Read more

Front Page 3

India specialist doctor attends patients in Arusha
Dr. Nirav Shah, a specialist doctor from India is in Arusha to consult with patients suffering from diabetes, hypertension, chest diseases,   yellow fever and others.
Speaking about the work tour of the renown specialist, Dr Austin Makani of the MMC Health Centre, opposite Impala Hotel along Simeon Road in the city said the specialist would be available for consultation at the health facility...Read more

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